Influential Dogepunks Vol. 6

Engineers, founders, artists, and voices to help develop Web3 and the Dogepunks community.

In a span of two weeks, we have seen a wild (mini) cycle in crypto, especially for the $DOGE community. We’re excited to see the network effect of Doge and the legacy of the meme that sparked the worldwide love of Shibas!

In anticipation of the upcoming Doge Day, we have another big volume for all Doge fans and Web3 enthusiasts. In this volume, we feature the author of The Infinite Machine and founder of The Defiant, Camila Russo, crypto investor and founder of Wolf of All Streets, Scott Melker, and crypto researcher and trader, Rafi_0x.

  1. Camila — Twitter: @camirusso

If there was a short list of reading materials about Web3, The Infinite Machine would be at the top along with the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Camila has made a name for herself in Crypto and Web3 from writing The Infinite Machine (detailing the history of Ethereum). Camila’s current endeavor, The Defiant, has become a home for veterans and newcomers to the Web3 ecosystem to keep up with the continuously evolving trends. We’re huge fans of Camila’s work and excited to create a Dogepunk with the beautiful Patagonia landscape inspired by Camila’s sense of exploration and her Chilean roots and time living in Argentina.

i) What brought you into the world of Crypto?
Writing about Bitcoin in Argentina in 2013, amid 25% inflation and currency controls.

ii) What do you do now?
I am the founder and chiefess of The Defiant.

iii) What has been your biggest learning experience(s) while writing The Infinite Machine and creating The Defiant?
I got the idea about creating The Defiant while I was researching for The Infinite Machine by following the Ethereum community around and seeing all the amazing DeFi protocols that were getting built. Lesson: It pays to get your boots on the ground.

iv) Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you can share with us?
We are working hard to make sure The Defiant becomes a Web3 native media company that’s the go-to source for DeFi information.

v) Where can people find you to learn more?
Twitter: @DefiantNews

2. Scott — Twitter: @ScottMelker

Unlike the Wolf of Wall Street, the “Wolf of All Streets” has been on a mission to educate as many people on crypto by providing factual, non-biased, and educational materials. Scott has led his pack of wolves through various ups and downs in the market with an entire ecosystem of podcasts, newsletters, live trading Q&A, and educational YouTube videos. His honest voice and trading knowledge have made him one of the most trusted voices in CryptoTwitter with over 320K followers. We’re huge fans of Scott and his work and excited to create this Dogepunk inspired by his moniker.

i) What brought you into the world of Crypto?
Trading — I was originally here for the mythical 100x pumps.

ii) What do you do now?
Trade, host The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast, write the Wolf Den Newsletter

iii) What were some of the hard lessons you’ve learned when you first started investing and trading Crypto?
The market never sleeps! I found it challenging to stay on top of the 24/7 market after trading legacy markets.

iv) Where can people find you to learn more?
@scottmelker on Twitter!

3. Rafi_0x — Twitter: @rafi_0x
If you’re a fan of deep diving on new projects but overwhelmed on the amount of content, let us introduce to you, Rafi_0x. We first discovered Rafi’s Twitter after finding his in-depth research on new Web3 projects that we had no idea that existed. Rafi’s Twitter feed cuts through the hype and outlines the potential of projects which can help accelerate research time for projects that are just getting started in the white paper phase. We were excited to catch up with Rafi and to learn more about how he got into researching the cutting edge of Web3.

i) What brought you into the world of Crypto?
I first heard about crypto in 2014 when a friend of mine was mining Litecoin. As I was nearing the end of my university degree, it wasn’t sensible to get involved then. One year later, I became so convinced (in crypto) that I maxed out my credit card to buy my first ETH and BTC. At the time, buying anything more than a few hundred dollars of crypto with a credit card usually involved taking a selfie holding a disclaimer you weren’t being extorted! We’ve come a long way.

ii) What do you do now?
Full-time crypto researcher and trader, spending my days (and nights) finding innovative early-stage projects.

iii) How did you get into analysis and research on new Web3 projects?Seeing the constant innovation in the Web3 DeFi sector made me realize this was the area I wanted to be in. Once you go down one rabbit hole, it usually leads to another two or three, and very quickly you’re immersed in whitepapers and trawling Discords.

iv) How do you find projects to perform due diligence and research on?
I seem to uncover projects basically anywhere that the community is, whether in Discords, Telegram groups or CryptoTwitter. I believe Crypto is a place like none other, where you can make friends and find new interesting projects together.

v) Do you have any upcoming projects you wanted to share with the audience?
One project I’d like to share is an existing one called Inverse Finance $INV. In my opinion, they are truly innovating in the DeFi space, and have recently proposed the first ever DAO governed Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) deal.

vi) Where can people find you to learn more?
Twitter: @rafi_0x and