A Letter From Our Co-Founder and Creative Director

Identity reveal and a new project announcement: Custom Animated Portraits

Hi Dogepunks Community,

I’m NFT Bee, one of the co-founders and the Creative Director for the Dogepunks. I created the original Dogepunks and hand-created over 70 doges and still review each Doge! My favorite thing about this project is our community. The energy, humor, and passion for Doge and Dogepunks are amazing. From social media to artist submissions, I can see the depth and diversity of our Dogepunks community. It is humbling and a ton of fun to watch our community grow.

I wanted to say thank you and introduce my new project: Custom Animated Portraits. Note: I am still a part of the Dogepunks team and will continue to be until we reach 4200 Doges!

NFT Bee Self Portrait

Custom Portraits of our Community

Crypto and NFTs are all about community. That’s why I’ve started doing portraits of people. Portraits are like timestamps. They say ‘I was here’, a part of this beautiful, innovative, crazy community. Each portrait is 100% unique and customized to fit the person. I use shapes, colors, animation, and even music to bring out individual personalities.

Given the pace of technological innovation, there is little documentation and permanence in our space. I hope these portraits can be a small contribution to helping us solve that. Together we can record this amazing moment in time, and the wonderful people that made it all possible.

Contact me if would like to order a custom 1:1 portrait NFT and we can start to design some magic together!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CraftyyBee

Foundation: https://foundation.app/nftbee

Email: nftbee@gmail.com

Portrait of Goltra
Portrait of Emma
Portrait of Rafi_0x

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